Small group personal training allows all clients to receive truly personal training by working out in groups of up to 4 people with a Personal Trainer who creates, manages and motivates your exercise programme.

Why ‘small group’ training?

Small group personal training offers fantastic value with amazing results and is our most popular membership.
We begin with a private assessment to discuss your goals and any lifestyle challenges that you may have. We assess all the information and create a bespoke training programme designed to help you achieve your goals. Once your programme is designed, we then offer you a time slot with one of our highly experienced personal trainers.
This has all the benefits of personal training at a reduced cost with the added fun and motivation of training in a small group (4 people). This is not a class! You will have your own unique programme and nutritional plan, designed just for you and your goal, the only difference is your training sessions are conducted in a small group at a reduced rate meaning you can receive more personalised sessions and support.
What are the benefits?

You receive much more attention as an individual, your personal trainer can keep a close eye on your technique to make sure it is safe and effective. A small group PT session is a non-intimidating environment, centred around motivation, support and encouragement. With the other members of the group, you can share nutrition tips and recipes, make friends and have fun. Most of all it is also financially sustainable: You will receive up to 8 sessions of small group personal training a month, a unique programme, a personalised nutrition guide, unlimited access to our facilities and group training sessions including spin and yoga, as well as ongoing support and advice from our Elyte Trainers.
What’s included

• Up to 8 small group (4 people) training sessions with an Elyte trainer per month
• Advanced initial assessment (goal planning, body composition, fitness benchmark, functional movement screening, posture assessment, blood pressure, nutrition, lifestyle + stress profiling)
•Monthly assessment and review

• Personalised progressive workout plans
• Personalised nutrition plan
• Advanced goal development and habit building
• Access to a private Group Personal Training Facebook page
• Elyte Fitness membership including group sessions, run clubs , yoga and selected workshops